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Lisa Prior

The top three reasons why coaches are engaged:

  • 48% Develop high potentials or facilitate transition
  • 26% Act as a sounding board

  • 12% Address derailing behavior

Diane Coutu and Carol Kauffman, Harvard Business Review 2009

You’ve seen this number before: 70% of change efforts fail because leaders focus on process or system change and leave their people behind. Simple fixes abound, but few companies get at the heart of the matter:

To embark on sustainable change that positively impacts the bottom line, leaders must build a culture that helps people move from the past into the future.

Study after study has shown that close to 40% of the global workforce is “disengaged” – meaning they’re burned out, not working to their potential, and ready to leave for greener pastures.

Prior Consulting specializes in helping organizations change their culture to improve employee engagement while positively impacting the bottom line. We do this through the following methods:

  • Culture

    We help you discover your culture’s hidden beliefs and assumptions, plus your leaders’ impact on your culture, through our proprietary audit process.

  • Talent

    We design talent strategies that build leadership capabilities and bridge today’s challenges with tomorrow’s vision.

  • Organizational Design

    Prior Consulting helps businesses create an organizational design that acts as a roadmap in achieving a desired strategy.

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