Leadership Coaching and Change Consulting

Helping leaders differentiate your work culture to engage employees, improve performance, and boost the bottom line.

Lisa Prior

Lisa Prior, of Prior Consulting, has steered organizational change and leadership development for two decades for top notch companies and executives. Her specialty is in helping them create the culture they need to achieve the results they want.

Explore the Prior Consulting 'Pathway to Success' and the many ways we can help you reach your audacious goals.

The Mandate

As a leader, you’re charged with leading your business and its people to greater levels of performance through change.

The Challenge

To effect change throughout the business, you must first change yourself.

Prior Consulting helps entrepreneurs, business leaders, and department teams create their own unique work culture that helps bring about the future. Whether you’re starting a company or leading your organization through the next stage of growth, we work with you in the following ways:

  • Leadership Coaching

    High performing work cultures begin with the leader. Prior Consulting works with CEOs and executive teams to bring out the best in themselves and their people.

  • Change Consulting

    From auditing your existing culture to designing the culture you envision, we help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want go.

  • Skilled Facilitation

    Whether you need help with facilitating a board meeting or a strategic planning workshop, Prior Consulting expertly facilitates the discussions that help create the future.

  • HR Thought Partner

    Prior Consulting offers coaching and workshops to help HR professionals partner more strategically with line leaders.

Take Charge of Your View: Career Advice You Won’t Get From Your Boss

Lisa Prior, a 20-year veteran leadership coach and change consultant, is on a mission to help people build the career of their dreams. Unlike most self-help books that tell people to quit their jobs and follow a “do what you love and the money will follow” theory, Lisa challenges you to dig deep to develop yourself, your career and your organization in your current role, whether you work for yourself or someone else.

When you take this six-week journey, you will discover your VIEW, Lisa’s framework of skills needed to create the career you love: Vision, Insight, Engagement, and Will. Lisa shares success stories of people she has coached and offers practical tips, including: (1) how to capture your VISION; (2) how to gain INSIGHT through feedback and “flow”; (3) how to boost career ENGAGEMENT through win-win situations and by abandoning the idea that success relies on “who you know”; and (4) how to cultivate WILL by creating your mentoring network and naming your mountain— the thing you shy away from. In Lisa’s case, this mountain was a MOUNTAIN. By the end of this interactive book, you will be able to jumpstart your own career changes, and put your VIEW into action, lead the life you were born to live, and do the work you were born to do. Whether you are 22 or 62, you can take charge of your VIEW.

“This. Book. Is. Excellent. Using it is like working with a professional coach!”

—Jennifer W. Martineau, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Research, Evaluation, and Societal Advancement
Center for Creative Leadership

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