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Are you tired of feeling like you’re constantly juggling competing priorities as a leader? Do you struggle to balance your role as a manager, producer, and leader? It’s time to revolutionize your leadership skills with the Producer/Manager/Leader paradigm. At Prior Consulting, we understand the complexities of modern leadership, and we have the tools and expertise to help you unleash your full leadership potential. Our customized programs and app can help you and your organization achieve new levels of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Simplified Overview of the Producer/Manager/LeaderĀ® Framework


Deliver results through your own effort and hold yourself accountable to stakeholders for your work product.


Achieve results through others, focusing on operations and execution, and hold yourself accountable to stakeholders for your team’s performance.


Inspire people to see what’s possible and drive change, holding yourself accountable to stakeholders for the organization’s culture, progress, and success.

PML On-the-Go: Maximize Your Leadership Potential with Our App

Our iOS app puts the power of P/M/L at your fingertips:

  • Download the app for just $.99.
  • Take charge of your calendar, analyze your time, and follow a customized action plan for meaningful change.
  • Get insights and strategies tailored to your unique needs and become a more effective leader in no time.
  • Bundle the app with our customized program for even greater results.

See the Proven Results:

Discover our decades of PML expertise, with participants reporting significant time savings, progress towards goals, and improved leadership:

  • Gain effective management and leadership tools to lead your team and stakeholders even more effectively (100% agreement).
  • Reallocate an average of 5-12 hours per week on Manager/Leader work that used to be spent at the Producer level.
  • Make progress towards expanding an existing market or improving a new approach/innovation (75%).
  • Experience a significant increase in effectiveness as a manager and leader (87.5%).

Experience the Key Benefits:

  • C-suite & Executive Teams: Our one-hour session allows C-suite professionals to reflect on organizational change and effectively deploy their time and energy.
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching Clients: We incorporate the PML paradigm and app to upskill individual leaders to next-level leadership.
  • Emerging Leaders: Our custom programs help high-potential performers take on complex management and leadership challenges.

Transform Your Leadership Today: Contact Us for a Complimentary Consultation

Are you ready to transform your leadership skills and take your organization to the next level? We’d love to talk with you about our Producer/Manager/Leader leadership assessments, programs, and experiences. Email for a 15-minute complimentary consultation and let us show you how we can help you achieve success.

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