Leaders and their teams change together. This is why the movement toward team coaching has gained momentum. Using real-time business challenges as examples for learning, Prior Consulting equips leadership teams and entrepreneurs with a powerful set of tools for continuous on-the-job learning and coaching.

Our process for coaching intact leadership teams achieves the following outcomes:

  • Solve today’s challenges with greater efficiency and effectiveness – the team works together to understand problems and engage in open dialogue in the search for solutions.
  • Create a coaching culture – when leaders coach one another through feedback and questions, they model behaviors for their teams.
  • Leverage the team’s diversity of talents, experiences, and perspectives – the team finds more robust solutions to today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.
  • Create a vision for the future.

Team Coaching services include three- and six-month engagements. Each engagement is customized to your organization’s unique needs and specific outcomes.

Whether we are facilitating meetings between two or 200 people, Prior Consulting is expert in fostering strategically important conversations among Boards of Directors, Executive Teams, and Project / Program Teams. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Board meetings and discussions
  • Team development meetings
  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Company-wide meetings
  • Difficult conversations

“Trust among team members. Safety to speak up. Alignment. Focus and clarity. Accountability. These are the essential dynamics of an effective leadership team. And we can help you achieve these outcomes by attending one of our team retreats.” 

Lisa Prior

Today, leadership is the job of many – and everyone wears three hats simultaneously: Producer, Manager, and Leader.

  • As a Producer, your mindset is “self.” Your focus is on high-level tasks, such as closing deals or developing politically crucial relationships.
  • As a Manager, your mindset is “team.” Your focus is on operations, or what John Kotter calls the “left-side” of the company – the activities that enable and measure outcomes.
  • As a Leader, your mindset is “future” and “culture.” Your focus is on people: finding ways to engage their hearts; creating meaning and purpose in their work that goes beyond profits.

With the Producer/Manager/Leader® series, you and your business leaders will learn the right way to allocate time among these three roles. The result is increased performance and effectiveness for greater business success.

To deliver on promises you made to stakeholders, your company needs an effective leadership team. This truth will be amplified in a post-Covid world.

Our retreats are 100% customized to your team and business priorities, so you achieve the outcomes you need to deliver on promises. Our process means that:

  • We listen:
    • In our initial meeting with you, the executive team leader, we will pinpoint the purpose and success measures of the retreat.
    • Through brief one-on-one calls with each team member (or, for larger group retreats, surveys), we’ll ask for input to shape the agenda.
  • We design: 
    • Working with your team’s input, we’ll draw on our extensive experience and toolkit to design, propose, and finalize the agenda.
    • Before the retreat, we’ll provide custom pre-work that will free up time and energy for productive discussion.
  • We facilitate:
    • Facilitation is both art and science. Working with the agenda, we’ll enable productive, honest discussion. We are experts at knowing when to follow the agenda and when to take a detour. 
  • We follow up:
    • After the retreat, you’ll receive a custom roadmap based on the discussion outcomes and actions, as well as our recommendations for how to maintain ongoing leadership team effectiveness.

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