October 21, 2019

In the movie, “Late Night,” actress and screen-play writer Mindy Kaling plays a wide-eyed career-shifter who leaps from her role as an excel-loving project manager in a chemical factory to a comedy writer on a hit television show. The morning of her first day of work as a writer, out of habit, she dresses up in a corporate-style dress. When her younger sister catches our heroine running out the door for her first day at the new job, the tween asks:

“Why are you dressed like you work in HR?”
The punch-line landed – a message from Hollywood that even screenwriters recognize that the HR profession is slow in adapting to the work of the future.

It’s time for a little disruption.During my career as a leadership coach and culture change agent, I’ve helped leaders and companies disrupt so they can grow. I now have the chance to share my vision of disruption on the stage in Boston.

Thank you, DisruptHR Boston, for the opportunity to be one of your speakers at the upcoming event November 6th here in my hometown!

Through my talk, WhoDunit? How Hollywood is Killing HR, I’ll share my views on what needs disrupting and the new roles that HR can play to create a refreshed and more powerful compact between employers and their people.

I’d love for you to join us and we have reserved a complimentary ticket for one of you!  All you need to do for a chance to win the ticket is join our contest by answering this one question:

When it comes to HR, what do you feel should be disrupted?

Enter our contest by simply commenting below your answer to the above question. Submissions are due by October 25th. We will put all the answers in a hat and randomly choose a winner, who will be notified of their win by email by November 1st.

Good luck!  We can’t wait to hear from you. Look for next month’s post where I’ll share highlights from my talk, highlights of the amazing wisdom my colleagues share on stage, as well as the wisdom shared by you all through your contest submissions.

Hope to see you November 6th!

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