What is your NEXUS?

February 20, 2018

I write from my kitchen table on a frosty January morning, still thinking about the year ahead:

What are my goals?

Who do I want to be?

When I look back at this year, from the vantage point of being a 90-year old in a rocking chair, what will have been most important? What will I feel good about? What will I want to remember from 2018?

The year 2017 brought many blessings, including the warm reception for Take Charge of Your VIEW: Career Advice You Won’t Get From Your Boss. With that book and the bustle that followed came a greater sense of moving toward my life purpose.

The goal I set for the beginning of 2018 to was to articulate what my work is about – in one word.

Big companies are known for a brand, an intangible quality beyond the product they offer.

Starbucks offers lifestyle; their stores have a vibe they call “verve.”

Disney offers happiness through magic.

At Prior Consulting, we provide leadership coaching and change consulting. But what one word can capture the essence of the unique way our vision and work impacts the world?

I brainstormed the things we do:

Win-Win relationships
Future of Work

But none of these fully capture the essence of how our clients shift when we work together. Digging deeper, I realized that my specialty is helping clients zoom in on where these ideas connect, where they join together to make something bigger—what I call The Nexus..

Your Nexus is where your work feels connected to a deeper purpose; where your vision and passion intersect with the goals and needs of your organization; your community and the world.

The Nexus is where we connect to each other, and ourselves, to make something bigger happen.

What is your Nexus? Who will you connect with in 2018 to create something bigger? And how will you together make your mark in the world?

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