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The right people in the right place at the right time

"Employees are vastly more satisfied and productive, it turns out, when four of their core needs are met: physical; emotional; mental and spiritual…[sic] Gallup found that companies in the top quartile for engaged employees, compared with the bottom quartile, had 22 percent higher profitability, 10 percent higher customer ratings."

Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath, The New York Times, 2007

As two interconnected processes, Talent Reviews and Succession Planning help businesses identify employees with high potential across the organization. Once talent has been identified, organizations can then implement a process to successfully develop these employees while identifying specific individuals for future key positions.

Whether your company is young and growing or mature and changing, Prior Consulting designs custom approaches for developing talent for today and tomorrow. Our expertise includes:

  • Talent Reviews

    Identify talent development opportunities throughout the organization and match these opportunities with the right people.

  • Succession Planning

    Build the talent pool as well as identify successors for key positions.

  • Career Development Strategies

    Develop employees and managers – including individuals and teams – and ensure everyone is in alignment with stated outcomes.

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Our Process Includes:

Custom Approaches

Custom Approaches

Once the business needs have been identified, a plan is created that fits the culture.

Tool Development

Tool Development

Depending on your business and plan, we design and implement the appropriate tools to ensure you reach your business objectives.

Workshop Design & Facilitation

Workshop Design & Facilitation

Our comprehensive process includes HR training and workshop design and facilitation.

Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations

Whether through the talent review process or success planning, we help guide you through meetings and conversations between managers and employees.

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