"The two key benefits of leadership coaching: Leaders' confidence in their own ability increases along with the leaders' trust in direct reports. Impact: Trust leads to greater delegation and development of direct reports and more time for the leader to focus on more strategic activities."

Gro Ladegard, Susan Gjerde, Leadership Quarterly

Leadership coaching is proven to help executives see their behavior and develop habits that help their organizations succeed. Leaders can expect to be able to:

  • Adjust their leadership approach to the person or situation
  • Feel more confident and capable
  • Trust team members and delegate more effectively
  • Think more strategically about business change
  • Foster more productive working relationships
  • Coach talent and build future leaders
  • Create a more productive work environment
  • Improve their working relationship with their manager and influence up more effectively

The result is increased business effectiveness and more engaged team members.

Whether helping a leader transition to a new role, helping a seasoned leader gain new skills, or acting as a sounding board, Prior Consulting helps executives gain important insights about their impact in the workplace. We work one-on-one to develop actionable and measurable plans for improving leadership effectiveness.

To learn more, call 617-630-9999 or email lisa@priorconsulting.com.

Our process includes:


Assessing Development Needs

Using interviews and validated inventories, we uncover insight about behaviors that are contributing to and detracting from leadership success.


Establishing Goals and Development Plans

Through confidential, one-on-one conversations, the results of the assessment are debriefed, insights are encouraged, and development goals are identified. A development plan is created that includes goals, activities, time frames, and measures of success.


Implementing and Coaching to the Plan

Over the course of a three or six month period, meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, coaching conversations take place which help the leader develop awareness, change behavior, and calibrate improvements in leadership effectiveness.


Measuring Success

At the end of the coaching engagement, we’ll compare progress against the identified measures of success, and identify follow up plans.

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