Helping HR partner more strategically with business leaders.

“I talk with CEOs across the globe who are disappointed in the HR people. They would like to be able to use their chief human resource officers (CHROs) the way they use their CFOs – as sounding boards and trusted partners – and rely on their skills in linking people and numbers to diagnose weaknesses and strengths in the organization, find the right fit between employees and jobs, and advise on the talent implications of the company’s strategy. But it’s a rare CHRO who can serve in such an active role.”

– Ram Charam, “It’s Time to Split HR,” Harvard Business Review, July 2014

The promise of HR re-invention, which began decades ago, has not been fulfilled. Yet now more than ever, as organizations grapple with breath-taking change, human resource professionals must help business leaders sort through complexity while offering high-level insights, counsel, and programs that make a difference.

Prior Consulting offers coaching and workshops to help HR professionals within organizations partner more strategically with line leaders and to fulfill the promise of the field and the potential of HR professionals.

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Our process includes:


Identify the opportunity for change

Prior Consulting works with HR leaders to identify opportunities for change. For example, we have worked with HR organizations to:

  • Create a vision for the HR organization
  • Identify gaps in the HR organization’s design as it relates to achieving business vision and goals
  • Assess skills and capabilities of HR staff for strengths and development opportunities


Create a Customized Solution

All solutions are customized to clients’ needs. For example, we have:

  • Contracted over three-to-six month assignments to act as an HR thought partner, sounding board to Chief Human Resource Officers, and as an advisor on developing HR talent
  • Designed and facilitated consulting skills workshops
  • Organized and facilitated organizational design workshops
  • Provided one-on-one coaching to HR leaders


Implement the Solution

Working together, we will develop a roadmap. Clients will then have access to Prior Consulting’s project management site, with milestones and timelines for implementing the project.


Measure Success

At the end of the coaching engagement, we’ll compare progress against the identified measures of success, and identify follow up plans.

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