"Baby Boomers [and Gen X generations] have the lowest level of engagement and the highest level of active disengagement… Employers would be wise to find ways to boost engagement among those in the middle generations, as they comprise 88% of today's workforce."

Gallup 2014

Leaders and their teams change together. This is why the movement toward team coaching has gained momentum.

Using real-time business challenges as the learning content, Prior Consulting equips leadership teams and entrepreneurs with a powerful set of tools for continuous, on-the-job learning and coaching.

Our process for coaching intact leadership teams achieves the following outcomes:

  • Solve today’s challenges with greater efficiency and effectiveness – The team works together to understand problems and engage in open dialogue in the search for solutions.
  • Create a coaching culture – When leaders coach one another through feedback and questions, they model behaviors for their teams.
  • Leverage the team’s diversity of talents, experiences, and perspectives – The team finds more robust solutions to today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.
  • Create a vision for the future

Team Coaching services include three- and six-month long engagements. Each engagement is customized to your organization’s unique needs and specific outcomes.

To learn more, call 617-630-9999 or email lisa@priorconsulting.com.

Our process includes:


Assessing Development Needs

Using workshops and surveys, we calibrate a team’s potential and understanding for the specific need for change and roles, responsibilities, and the outcomes expected of the team and its members.


Establishing the Roadmap and Checklist

Based on feedback and anecdotal data from the assessment stage, Prior Consulting develops a Roadmap of immediate action steps for the team. The goal at this stage is to foster a mindset and culture that “sticks.”


Implementing and Coaching to the Plan

Over the course of the engagement, Prior Consulting works with the team to integrate expectations and insights into ongoing leadership and performance management activities. If applicable, the team participates in Producer/Manager/Leader® as Coach© work.


Measuring Success

At the end of the coaching engagement, we’ll compare progress against the identified measures of success, and identify follow up plans.

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