“The NFPA hired Lisa to develop a talk on the difficulty companies have in building trust within an organization. Her enthusiasm and expertise in this area was evident in her delivery and audience engagement. She quickly picked up on our challenges as an association and was able to tailor the talk in a way that that resonated with all our employees. Lisa’s messaging was timely and on target to help our workforce better deal with changes in our organization.”

Kim Fontes, Division Director, NFPA

Lisa Prior

Sample Speaking and Workshop Events

  • PMI Mass Bay (Project Management Institute) Keynote
  • New England Human Resources Assoc. (NEHRA)
  • DisruptHR Pittsburgh
  • Harvard Business School
  • Boston CIO Forum
  • Women in the Enterprise of Science and Technology (WEST)

Speaking Topics

  • The Hollywood Model and the Future of Work: Your Roadmap and Role for Success.
  • Career Advice You Won’t Get from Your Boss: How to Create the Life and Work You Love
  • Love Your Job Without Leaving It
  • The CEO’s Quick Guide to the Future of Work

Check out Lisa’s Media page for examples of her published work, media interviews, and more.

About Lisa

Lisa is a 20+ year expert consultant and coach specializing in leadership and culture change. Lisa is passionate about the new relationship between companies and people. She knows that companies want engaged people who work with purpose and people want companies that care about them. Lisa shows how to create this visionary win-win culture in every organization. Her book, Take Charge of Your View: Career Advice You Won’t Get From Your Boss was published in 2017. Read more about Lisa.

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